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PC is an IT driven professional healthcare recruitment agency by healthcare professionals; for healthcare professionals.

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Our Care Service

Our Care Service

PC was established with an understanding of the challenges that busy employers and providers of healthcare services face in sourcing quick cover or an extra pair of hands with trained professional temporary staff. It is important that when you're choosing an agency for nurses and carers, it must offer good value, and above all be a safe choice. You'll also need an agency with trained local professionals, who'll get to know your full-time staff and understand how you work day-to-day. This is where PC comes in. With our innovative IT management system we are continuously recruiting to ensure that we've available a well resourced-responsive and compliant system that can take the time, stress and worry out of locating and recruiting a temp staff.

Our nursing and care staff that we supply must satisfy healthcare workers compliance requirements.

Co-ordinated by healthcare professionals, PC ensures that her recruits get the highest benefits out of working for an agency for them and by them which inspires the excellent service that our clients need.